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An original new class created and taught by Matthew Menalo!

*Part of the Matt & Michelle Coaching Curriculum*

START WITH THE STORY is my class geared towards helping you or your child learn a whole new approach to auditioning! Like many actors starting out, focusing only on memorization will actually hinder your work. Not only are you developing poor acting habits based on uninformed first impressions, but focusing only on memorizing makes it obvious to casting that you don't know what you're doing. My goal is to teach you how to approach a script with a "scene study first" mentality (like a professional), which in turn leads to an automatically improved ability to learn the lines!


What students can expect from my sessions:

  • A foundation for knowing how to find the story that your character is supposed to tell

  • An in-depth explanation of how to break down any audition / scene into it's working elements

  • A meticulous eye for action & emotion-based detail

  • Why listening is 50% of great acting

  • Why you should always leave room for discovery in every take

  • And why you should always believe in yourself, because confidence is everything!

Contact me now for more info!

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