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ADHD, by Calvin Klein


"Ever since I can remember, I've been an Entertainer."

Matt has always had a penchant for finding his spotlight. Not afraid of attention, he found himself outspoken in classrooms and at the dinner table. He remembers seeing Saturday Night Live for the first time, and how the brilliant cast could make his mother forget her single-parent burdens for just one night. He learned that a good story and a quick joke have the potential to change people's lives for the better, even if for just a moment.


Now, as a working actor in a time of amazing opportunities and growing tension, he believes in the need for levity and catharsis on a global scale. He is an advocate for progressive change and peace, working every day towards a better version of himself and the world he lives in.


He can currently be seen as defense attorney Rocket Rosen in Showtime's "WACO: The Aftermath". Matt is honored to tell a sad-but-true story from his home state of Texas, and how the ramifications of injustice have far-reaching effects to every corner of our country.

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